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Distracted Walking

Have you bumped into someone on the sidewalk while texting? You're not alone. According to News1130, thousands of people are crashing into each year due to distracted walking - they can't take their eyes off their smartphone. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons conducted a survey on distracted walking because most people believe they aren't…
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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is an exciting time for children. With the distraction of candy and costumes children can easily forget safety tips. Here are some simple tips to keep Halloween a safe night for everyone. Motorists Drive slower than usual on residential streets. Don’t pass stopped vehicles. Be aware of your surroundings. Look for children at intersections,…
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Pedviz: Be Reflective. Be Safe. Be Seen.

Jane Macdougall, a mother, journalist and Vancouverite, is the founder of Pedviz, a fashionable line of reflective items to help make people more visible on the streets. According to The Vancouver Sun, Jane was motivated to help others walk safely when her sister-in-law, Rosalinda, was hit by a car while crossing at a well-lit crosswalk.…
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