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Concussions 101 – a Primer for Kids and Parents

Concussion talk is everywhere. How do we diagnose a concussion? How do we treat them? How do we build greater awareness?

How are we to navigate through the overwhelming body of research on the topic?

Fortunately, a doctor-professor from Toronto has sought to simplify the medical world’s best evidence on concussions.

Dr. Mike Evans works with a creative team to build awareness of different health topics in a current and easy-to-understand white board format. It’s a self-proclaimed “med school for the public on YouTube.”

To say his work is clever would be an understatement.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, coach, or athlete, be sure to watch Dr. Mike’s presentation on concussions:

For more presentations by Dr. Mike:

The HEADWays Concussion APP

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Slater Vecchio recently partnered with VGH and the UBC Hospital Foundation to fund the development of a mobile app for concussion care.

The HEADWays Concussion Recovery app is a self-management tool for individuals who have suffered a concussion. It’s the only self-management app written and created by doctors who specialize in concussion care.

Download HEADWays for free on iTunes. Or click here to download to an android phone.


Nicole Kelly

Nicole Kelly

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